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Harry myers

Huddersfield, England


My name is Harry Myers, I’m a 21 year old Photographer from Huddersfield, England.


I grew up following my Local Team, Huddersfield Town, who I’ve been supporting for over 15 years, following them all over England. After Buying a film camera for a holiday I decided to start taking it to games with me, because, why not?


I’ve been shooting film for just over a year, however I’ve already grown a strong passion and take my cameras everywhere with me and posting to Instagram. From my choice of cameras my favourite is the trusty Olympus Mju II point and shoot, allowing me to simply pull it out and capture the moment, which is perfect at the ever changing environment of a football game!


At the games I love to try and capture something different at the games to try and help tell the story. From the build up, to the passion of the fans or the performance on the Grass. Wherever I am I try find a game going on, I’ve shot at games in the US, Italy, England and even in Norway in the Arctic Circle!


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