Analog Sport

Paris - 2020

Building the Analog Football community was a first step. Motivated by the numerous encouragements to take this project to the next level, the Analog Sport project is born.

Long story short, we believe that film photography is the perfect tool for changing the way we look at sports. Film photography is a passion that can be shared. Film photography carries learning values : rigor, patience, acceptance of failure, human contact and artistic vision.

On this basis, it was decided to create the first class of young Parisians trained in film photography and sports photography. These young people, 3 girls and 3 boys from 15 to 18 years old were selected on the sole criterion of motivation.

During the whole year 2020, they will be introduced to film photography and will meet professionals : from laboratories to galleries, as well as athletes and sports journalists.











These young people are on a mission. The one to ensure its aesthetic strength to sport. Mbappé's shots of him running at 200 mph are impressive. But beauty is also found in a women's boxing match, in handisport, in popular football, etc..

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