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CAN 2020

Plaine Saint-Denis - France

Saturday 29th February 2020, Analog Sport organized its first workshop. A presentation of the project with the first six young photographers. Two weeks later, France began its first lockdown. The beginning of an unprecedented period which will see the net stop of all sports competitions and collective activities. Ideal for the launching of a project about photography, sport which focus on the photography of professional sports events... 


Hard times for official events. But the heart of popular soccer still beat during summer 2020. The Plaine Saint-Denis has appeared as a salvation for Analog Sport. Contacted by Nabil Akkouche to cover an local soccer tournament , the young photographers have taken pictures, as professionals, of their first large-scale sports event. 


The objective was to tell the story of this festival from every angle: the field, of course, but also all the actors who gravitate around it. 


A big thank you to Nabil and the "Copains Sportifs de la Plaine" for their trust and their welcome.

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