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Analog sport festival #1

Espace Voltaire - Paris

To celebrate the closing of its second promotion of student photographers and to share a moment with its community, Analog Sport organized during its first festival dedicated to analog and sports photography.


This festival aimed to show the artistic aspect of the sport image, contrary to the images we are use to see in our environment. More than a hundred analog photos are presented with the same objective: looking at sport differently.


The festival took place at the Espace Voltaire on November 12nd, 13rd and 14th 2021 and brought together the productions of a dozen professionals, amateurs, gallery owners and even an Olympic medalist!


Among them :

Catherine Cabrol, photographer

Sarah Witt, photographer

Agathe Breton, photographer and director

Enzo Lefort, fencer and Tokyo medalist and photographer

Jean-Denis Walter, gallery owner

Aristide Barrau, artist, writer and photographer

Pauline Deschamps, photographer

And obvioulsy, the young student of the 2020 and 2021 promotion 

Take a look at the report of the event 

Some shots from the Analog Sport Festival by Sabi Singh

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