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Paris - France

Saint-Denis just as a big European party : that's what I expected to remember!


I’m from the city where is located the Stade de France (host city of the UCL final between Madrid and Liverpool) and I tried to root the memories and make every one remember the fever of fans  who came from farther than Spain or England to attend a meeting at the top of the world of soccer.


Beyond the stadium, Saint-Denis hosted the fan zone of the Real Madrid supporters, they represented almost 5000 people.

So, accompanied by Samuel and Irfane, the new friends I met through Analog Sport, I went around the city during this afternoon. We mingled with the crowd to well understand what the spectators were going to experience in the stadium and in the fan zone.


I had already seen the city of Saint-Denis during the Euro 2016 but seeing a similar atmosphere 6 years later brought me back some memories.

Despite of the events that came to taint this event of the European sport, I already can’t wait to see what atmosphere will reign in the city for the Olympic Games 2024…

text and photo by @yohannmoments

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