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Untitled football project

Manchester, England

A permanent fixture in the lives of many, the spaces within a football ground hold anticipation, joy, disappointment and frustration. It also holds friendships that have been created and exist within the vicinity of the stadium, often never spilling outside the confines of football. Friendships based on seat location, never knowing the name of your space-mate for 90 minutes.


The stadiums and streets are the containers of songs, ideas and shared culture; yet it is always a street like others in the city, changed only by the energy that permeates it and the little breadcrumbs left for those who can crack the code.


Each week people head to the stadium, transforming into fans, preparing to act out their rehearsed roles and navigating spaces that without them would otherwise be empty. This series looks to examine space, place and identity in football

Text & Photos : @leahdlombardi

Konica Big Mini

Leica AF-C1


Kodak Gold 200

Fuji Industrial 100

Fuji C200

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