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Lyon - France

The SNCF Group wanted to highlight the female athletes through an original photo collaboration with Analog Sport.


Every year, SNCF recruits, trains and prepares the retraining of many high-level athletes who benefit from a professional integration agreement within the company. This enables them to combine their sport and professional careers. Among the 32 athletes, we have highlighted 6 of them : Alizée Agier (karate), Chloé Trespeuch (snowboard cross), Sarah-Léonie Cysique (judo), Laura Tarantola (rowing), Angelina Lanza (disabled athletics) and Sofia Nafet (boxing).


Wishing to bring a strong societal dimension, the SNCF chosed to collaborate with the association Analog Sport. 7 young apprentice photographers were able to do their first "real" photo shoot in different SNCF environments with the athletes, based on their creative proposals. Throughout the operation, Biré, Melvina, Nour, Selsabil, Sokhna, Inès and Karthoum were followed and advised by the committed photographer Catherine Cabrol, godmother of the operation and author of various exhibitions and photographic series on women and sport (Blessures de Femmes, Athletic Mode, Divines Guerrières...).

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