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Red Star FC

Saint Ouen Sur Seine - France

In 2021, the youth of Analog Sport were able to practice as professionals for their first workshop, thanks to the trust placed by the soccer club « Red Star » located in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine. It was the opportunity to launch the second promotion of photographer apprentices in Paris region.

During this day, they could be accredited to shoot the players during their training such as real photographers. They were also able to meet professionals of the sports world, such as Paul Ducassou, the community manager of the red stars team who took the time to come and talk about his work.


We warmly thank the red star club for their support since day one.

If you are interested in organizing a collaboration like this one, feel free to contact us by using this form

Analog Sport 2021's first workshop at Red Star FC

Check the result of the films of @sabsinghh and @lass_dcr  ⬇️

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