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Promotion Marseille 2023

After a class of apprentice photographers at the Aix-Luynes Prison in the first half of 2022, a new class from Analog Sport Marseille was born in September 2022.

Their names are Marie Cotta, Bilel Tosto, Rachel Akoun, Tony Scotto, Elamine Foundi, Kelly Kubiak, Nathan Limasset, Raphaël O'Connell, Jodie Pourcelot and Léni Boccardi, and they have trained in silver photography, developing both an artistic and journalistic approach to sport.

Photo illustration projet marseille3306.JPG
Photo illustration projet marseille3313.JPG

The young apprentices were able to immerse themselves in the professional world of photography and its protocol, and put their theoretical learning into practice through collaborations with the Blue Stars, the Maison Transversale, the Spartiates and the Panthers.

AS Marseille - OMSCO23 - leo kocha - argentique sd05_3.jpg
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Throughout the year, several workshops were also held at the Orange Velodrome in collaboration with the OM Foundation. The major project of the year was to highlight all the women who make up Olympique de Marseille.

olympienne 1.JPG

To close the training program, the 1st exhibition was organized with the same joy of exchanging and creating links through culture and sport.

Several events took place, including a meeting between local photographers through a friendly portfolio presentation organized with the OLAB Photo team.

We were also able to welcome the Panthers, the women's basketball team from Union sportive du panier.

And for a grand finale, we were honored to invite the artists who have collaborated with Maison Transversale this year to create the beautiful Olympique de Marseille match posters.

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