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Paul-louis godier

Barcelona - Spain

My name is Paul-Louis Godier and I live in Brussels.  I started photography during a trip to Japan through streetphotography. I'm currently studying photojournalism at DMJX (Denmark). On the side, I work as a freelance photographer for different media like Vice or La Vague Parallèle. I use a Canon T70 and Rolleiflex. 

I shoot a stadium in Barcelona. As often happens, it's by chance that I came to photograph this place. I was doing a little streetphoto, without a precise objective and I came across this place where dozens of families came to encourage their children to play the Sunday game. The light was pretty amazing and the colors really stood out.

I aspire to a career as a photojournalist that allows me to be in the field, meet people that society doesn't care about and be able to tell their story. To be able to leave an archive and a trace of the different struggles and crises that define our time.


Photos by : @paullouisgodier

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