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os Meninos da vila

Aterro do Flamengo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Os Meninos da Vila: an event that happens every month on a public park in Rio de Janeiro, open to anyone how wants to jump in and have a good time.


It all began on a birthday celebration that two guys who idealized a way to be with their friends, doing the things that made them so close: play football, good samba and cold beer. On that day, they asked themselves: why not having a Sunday like this every month? With this idea in mind, more friends were invited to play and the monthly Sunday football became a great family.


With a little effort from each one, they made the reunion better and better. Meninos da Vila already had editions with live football transmission, on the beach and even playing in a professional stadium.


This great family is proving every month how football can be fun and unite people. Their biggest goal is keep helping to eternalize this football culture based on friendship.

Text : @rafaelavolio

Photos : © Analog Football

Canon A1


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