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Montevideo, Uruguay

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My name is Matías Zeballos, I’m a photographer based in Montevideo, Uruguay.

More than 10 years ago I started with photography, in a self-taught way and then, through some scholarships and international contests I could obtain a more professional training. Since several years, my dedication to photography is full time, it’s my work and my living income.

I specialized in natural and lifestyle photography. I work with digital and analogue 35mm format. I own a workshop where I make wooden frames for my photographs, which I print in high quality, achieving like this a Fine Art work. During 2019 I took part in a contest from the magazine Lens Culture for the Portrait Award 2018, in which I reached the highest instances. That is how I obtained a big acknowledgement and support to continue developing my work.

The project with Club Nacional de Football starts with Bruster Studio, which takes my 35mm format work to the communication manager Martín Sarthou. He instantly hires me to make a photographic report in a match in which Club Nacional de Football plays in it’s historical stadium Gran Parque Central for the Libertadores de América Cup.

The color shades achieved in analogue format, plus working with low-speed shooter due to the small ISO range available in the format, gave as a result a very original and different work from which we are used to see in these types of scenarios.


I’m very grateful to Nacional and Bruster for allowing me to express myself inside a football court with no limitations. I am sure that this leaves an open door with other clubs and sporting bodies to bet once again on the analogue format with results highly according to the circumstances.



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