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Brighton, England


Lucy Howell, (b. 1985) is a Brighton based photographic artist and facilitator.


Her practice is an intuitive visual investigation of the idiosyncrasies of the human experience.


She often documents with the purpose to subvert perspectives.


With a BA in Photography (Brighton University 2020) and drawing on her experience working in the care sector, she is interested in equality and works as an advocate for accessibility within the arts.


She shoots in analogue, welcoming the slowness of the process. It demands absolute presence and forces her to trust her instinct and celebrate mistakes.


Her relationship with football photography started in 2018 when she began documenting the Spice Goals, a grassroots women’s team she plays with in Brighton. Since she has shot women’s teams across London and Sussex and continues to photograph as many teams as she can to build an archive of the community and showcase the power of the movement.


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