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Paris - France

February 25, 2022, the UEFA officially announces that the final of the Champions League will not be played in St. Petersburg but in Paris, Saint-Denis at the Stade de France. It is 10:30 am I saw this information, I sent a message to my brother and I told him that we have to be there. Unfortunately PSG didn't make it to the final but it's still a great game: Liverpool vs Real de Madrid. 10 days before the game, I managed to get an accreditation. Therefore, the day before the game, I went to the Stade de France with my film camera imagining to see the players from far. 

But when your destiny has something in store for you, you can't escape it. As soon as I entered the stadium, I met Robertson, a Liverpool player. For someone who is not used to see high level teams, it's incredible. The more I went into the stands, the more I thought that what I was seeing was unreal. 

Then, I met Rio Ferdinand, the Manchester United legend, Michael Owen from Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United, with whom I could, in addition to photographing them, discuss about their careers.

I still can't believe it was real, I thought I would only see them in documentaries, and finally I took pictures of them. 

The game is finally going to start. I immortalized this moment by approaching Real Madrid players such as Eduardo Camavinga Valverde Ancelotti Militao or Rodrigo. 

So it's official: I photograph soccer legends and players who compete in one of the most prestigious and unattainable competitions. Yes, me, Ines 19 years old Parisian, passionate about soccer, I managed to do this thanks to God.

text and photo by @inestrrk

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