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Analog sport festival #2

Espace Voltaire - Paris

To celebrate the end of the third promotion of apprentice photographers, Analog Sport held its second edition of the Analog Sport Festival. As we now know, a festival totally dedicated to film and sports photography, also allowing us to share a friendly moment with our community. ​


This festival took place at Espace Voltaire around 300m square from November 10 to 20, 2022, presenting the work of around twenty photographers, among them guest photographers, apprentice photographers from the 3rd promotion and photographers from the Analog Football community.

During these 10 days, we set up many activations within the exhibition itself:

- An ephemeral silver laboratory accessible to all and free of charge upon registration

- Conferences with recognized photographers open to the public

- A popular university day organized with the media YARD. ​


Among the guests and partner associations:

Agathe BRETON, director and photographer

Sykaani, photographer

YARD, média

Ambrr, photographer

William KEO, photographer

Cebos NALCAKAN, photographer

Tatane, association

Jeremie MASUKA, photographer

Football 59 Together, association

Faid HADJI, photographer

Hélène TCHEN, photographer

Marvin BONHEUR, photographer

Amir, photographer

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