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Brian Blacher

Barcelona - Spain 

I´m Brian Blacher! I´m a passionate football fan and analog photographer. I was born and raised in Uruguay but nowadays I live in Barcelona. Since I landed here, I started to search for different places to practice football until I found one of the best football fields I´ve ever played: "Camp Municipal de Fútbol de la Satalia '', home of the UE Poblesec and CE APA Poblesec. 

These photographs belong to an ongoing project about local football in Barcelona. Specifically, in the PobleSec-Montjuic district. I try to reflect the culture, life and football of the neighborhood through photography. The passion with which each boy and girl experiences football while practicing it at the top of the city. The photographs represent the life and culture of a neighborhood that has the privilege of playing at the top of Barcelona.

Located on the Montjuic mountain and with one of the most privileged views of the city, the "Camp Municipal de Fútbol de la Satalia '' brings together two teams from the same neighborhood: C.E APA Poblesec and U.E Poblesec. 

The Club Esportiu APA Poblesec is a reflection of the city's culture and neighborhood life. It was founded in 1989 by members of different schools in the neighborhood of Poblesec, Sant Antoni, Zona Franca and Font de la Guaylla. With few resources and a dirt soccer field, the institutions involved took charge of an educational and social project that aspired to become a benchmark in the district.


Today, CE APA Poblesec has 20 teams, 40 coaches and more than 300 players of different ages, nationalities, boys and girls. 

Photos by @35mbb

📷 Canon AE-1

🎞 Kodak Gold 200


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