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Kigali, Rwanda

Rwanda is a small landlocked country located in Central Africa, and its football championship is not without interest.


The FERWAFA, national football association, is in charge of the different championships involving Rwandan cities (one feminine division and two masculine). This federation also oversees the national teams - the so-called Amavubi’s (The Wasps in Kinyarwanda)


As a football fan, I deeply wanted to attend some local games. I managed to see three in one month. All of them were organized in Kigali, capital city of Rwanda, who gather alone five clubs in the top-division championship.

The three football games I watched were hosted by Rayon Sport and APR. Rayon Sport, playing in white and blue, one of the most popular club in Rwanda, which always ends within the top-three of the championship. I experienced a good-natured atmosphere, with many groups of supporters and a charming refreshment bar where the fans enjoy local beer. Some people are attending the game disguised. I felt in love with the rhythm of drums and songs all along the game. I was also welcomed very warmly by the club mascots. APR, direct competitor of Rayon Sport, is the club of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (the Rwandan army). They wear black and white colors. The atmosphere in the stadium is very different, much more … military, if I could say so.

These two teams are playing in Nyamirambo Stadium, as the national stadium of Amahoro is under renovations for the moment.

Last but not least, I have been to AS Kigali, an average club in the championship, playing with white and green jerseys. They play in Mumena Stadium, which has no grandstand and where the fans are far fewer than in Nyamirambo. Despite this, the Green Brigade is giving rhythm to the game, playing music from the 1st to the 90th minute.

If you are visiting Rwanda, you should definitely attend a football game. The atmosphere is very unique, especially when you are used to go to the European stadiums.

The photos were taken with a Canon 115 Super.

Text & Photos : @jerome.sle

Canon 115 Super

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