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2024 Olympics x Rive de Gier

Rive-de-Gier - Saint-Chamond - L'Horme - France

This project took place in the city of Rive-de-Gier between Saint-Etienne and Lyon


The Analog Sport team organized an exhibition with photographs from the former promotions (2020-2021) in three libraries during one month.

This project continued with a workshop to discover analog photography with 5 young people from Rive-de-Gier. All of them were given a camera and films for the day in order to document sport practices of their city : soccer, boxing, pétanque, karate, dance.


The project ended 10 days later with a debriefing of the photoshoot in the presence of one former student from Analog Sport (2020 promotion) who also came to share his experience and a testimony from its journey through analog photography.

The photos below were taken by the 5 young photographer during the workshop. 

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